Dutch tradition

Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague… many Dutch cities are famous for their beautiful canals. In the past they were used for transport, water management and city defence but today they serve more recreational purposes. Holland has more than 10,000 kilometers of navigable waterway. These waters range from (small) lakes, ditches, city canals and canals to large waters.


The excellent sailing characteristics and extreme buoyancy of Coastliner boats are the result of the years of work of our experts. Only high quality materials are used for the production of our boats, documented with certificates and declarations of conformity. Each boat is subjected to an accurate quality control and tested under very severe conditions for speed, stability and other parameters and meets the highest quality requirements.


Coastliner Boats was designed and founded by Corsiva Shipyard which has been known for its very high quality boats since 2001. Coastliner boats has been taken over by a Dutch company. Today Coastliner boats are still produced in Poland but under Dutch supervision and high Dutch standards.